This is a stunning estate. From the vineyard views to the historic stone walls, le Tournié delivered. While the classic French exterior takes your breath away, the modernized interior is stunning and allowed us to relax and enjoy every comfort imaginable. Peaceful rejuvenation in the the sauna, weight room or pool, or our favorite was taking a lovely walk past the fruit orchards and lovely farm houses on a path just steps from property. But I really loved the kitchen. It’s not common to find every conceivable appliance, dish and food prep tool at your disposal in a rental. No need to bring anything extra in the kitchen or for the plentiful bathrooms, which had big comfy towels and bathrobes. We can’t wait go back.

Jen S.


Michael G.


I had an amazing time here, I arrived at night and didn’t know what to expect (that’s how I wanted it) and when the sun peaked over the hills I opened my shutters and the French countryside greeted me with the aromas of dew and flowers that follow the paths to the pool. The Chef that taught/showed us how to cook is the most patient lady to cook with. Great Food, Wine, Scenery, Wine and Conversations.

I was recently thinking about the best meals I’ve enjoyed, and this day immediately sprung to mind. The four course catered lunch with wine pairings was delicious. We were stuffed, but after a leisurely walk around the countryside we were ready to cook. The French recipes were much less involved than I imagined, often based on equal weights. It was very interesting to learn French cuisine and cooking techniques. While dinner finished cooking we had a wine tasting by the pool at sunset. The wines from the region southeast of Bordeaux were so interesting, and we were able to continue drinking our favorites with the fabulous dinner that we made! What could be better than a day with two amazing French meals (each with foie gras!) and lots of wine? The food was honestly better than some of the five star restaurants I’ve visited in the U.S. With the addition of the romantic French countryside and farmhouse, the experience is unmatched.

Colleen P.

Santa Cruz

David F.

Santa Monica

I had a wonderful weekend stay and would highly recommend it. The lovely house is in the beautiful Southwest French countryside and has a fantastic pool and a spectacular view. On the day of the cooking course, we were served a delicious lunch with wine pairing. We then enjoyed a nice long walk through the stonefruit and apple orchards that surround the house. When we returned, we began our course with the chef, who shared several delicious recipes and interesting techniques with us. Although the meal was great and preparing it was fun, the highlight was by the wine tasting. A local sommelier introduced us to several (very) local wines which we then enjoyed with dinner. I can scarcely think of a better way to spend a weekend with friends.

We organized a two-week summer research retreat at Le Tournie that proved to be an exceptional experience for all the participants. There were six of us in total including senior researchers and post-docs. The retreat concept worked brilliantly. The recreational facilities were excellent (the pool was a welcome break to the daily working meetings). We had spectacular gourmet meals prepared for us daily. The accommodations were truly very cool — sort of a contemporary boutique hotel in the middle of the French countryside. The conference room facilities worked perfectly for our daily collaborative meetings.

Randy S.

Rice University

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