Special Activities

We are able to organize a variety of special activities that can enhance the Le Tournié Retreat experience. The property has its own well-equipped gym and we can have a daily personal trainer available on request. We can arrange daily yoga sessions either in the main facility or outdoors around the lap pool or in one of the peaceful gardens. A range of personal massage and body rejuvenation services are also available at your request.

Touring the Surroundings

The countryside surrounding Le Tournié is delightful and we encourage you to consider at least one outing. The Cahor vineyards are a tucked away in a beautiful region of France and are perfect for a day tour. As you might expect, the region has a number of Michelin-star restaurants that are well-worth an evening out. There are spectacular biking trails and a 18-hole golf course in the neighborhood. Let us know and we can prepare customized guided tours that fit your fancy.

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